MorphHats InfoSecure | About
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Morpheus (Laughter King) — founder & CEO

Digital Forensics (Malware analysis, Data recovery, Incidence response)0%
Penetration Testing (system audit)0%
Networking (System administration, Cloud Computing)0%
ICT (Web design, IT project management, Training, Scripting)0%


MorphHats InfoSecure (RC 1216478) is a top notch IT Company that was formed by a merger of IT security professionals and ex-military personnel.

We all work as an independent team with a comprehensive understanding of computer security, from concept to infrastructure. We implement technical principles, practices and procedures to ensure data security, properly identify risks, monitor security controls, and manage other contingencies. We have also developed and deployed robust security schema that incorporate redundant solutions, electronic auditing, intrusion detection, 24×7 system/network monitoring, research services, and identification of “attack signatures”.
Our company is diplomatic and responsive in communicating with end users and explaining security protocols. We successfully win cooperation and instill the importance of adherence to procedures through clear explanations and a positive approach that emphasizes the benefits of a secure system to end users as well as non-technical decision makers such as government agencies, corporate firms, and even individuals.